1st ‘new’ day

Today I had my first induction day at my new job. It was brilliant, I actually enjoy the paper work and power point slides that go with a new job, I am genuinely interested in finding out as much about the company as possible, and sitting on your bum just listening whilst getting paid isn’t bad either. Though you get a bit weird from signing your name so many times after a while, my signature just kept getting smaller.. Here’s a photo from outside:


Yep, I’m going to be a receptionist at the Marriott Renaissance! I’ve always loved the Marriott, my grandad holds a lifetime Platinum membership so I’ve been spoiled all my life with several beautiful Marriott hotels across the world, so to be able to work there is amazing! And the staff all seem really nice and easy to get along with. Don’t know when I start properly yet, but it’s soon 😀

After work I treated myself to a share box of sushi, which I shared with.. no one! And a couple of Yankee Candles 😀 Absolutely addicted to them! I’ve found an actual Yankee Candle store, only ever seen them in card shops and similar.. Love it!


I spent the evening with my boyfriends mum and family, that was nice so I’m not as lonely as last night when he had just left.. He’s settling in fine in Hamburg, apparently just safety training this week so not very exciting :p Can’t wait to go to see him in Hamburg! 4 weeks. That I can do 😉




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