So it begins

Hello, my name is Martine, and I’m not keeping my mouth shut anymore!
I’ve wanted to find a space where I subtly can voice my opinions whilst letting whoever is interested, in on my life. I have quite strong opinions about a lot of things, a lot of things people care about, a lot trivial things that goes straight over most peoples heads and I have a strong opinion about having an opinion on everything.. more on that later..
I chose today because my life changed today. One of the changes has to do with my boyfriend. I have been in a relationship for 2,5 years. It’s been amazing, painful, fantastic, exciting, draining, awesome… The list goes on. He is my perfect man, my absolute partner in crime and I’d do anything and endure anything for him. We met in whilst getting our BA honors in Musical Theatre at Guildford School of Acting, now that’s another story but it is nonetheless the reason I dropped my boyfriend of at the airport today. He’s flying out to Hamburg to start rehearsals to be a lead singer for AIDA cruise lines, a job that will keep him away from home for 8 months… I know he’s not exactly going off to war, but I know I will miss him a lot, and I need to keep myself occupied, and also regardless of the fact that I’m in our house on my own I’ve wanted for sometime to get properly back into shape and change my current lifestyle.
During drama school I was dancing between 6-10 hours a day, plus working out, I’m not going back to that kind of regime, but I miss feeling strong and very much in control over my body. So this blog is also going to help me keep on the right track as I, just on my own, I can get a bit naughty.. I love me some kinder chocolate!

So roughly that’s the situation, and like I said, this will be a space for me to voice my opinions as well as updating on everything else I might find interesting. Now some of you are probably thinking, will she say anything about the Donald Trump situation we’ve got going on atm, I most certainly will! HOWEVER.. All though I think I know a tad more than the average person about politics, I still don’t think I know enough about the whole situation to yet be able to give a proper opinion.. soo, I am going to do some research and THEN voice my opinion. Everyone could do with some research ey! Though I can tell you right now that my subjective opinion is that Trump is an absolute fart with some sort of narcissistic disease and that Obama is an absolute legend.. However, my official statement will follow.

Also, my life is changing today/tomorrow, because I am starting a new job! It is not performing, but a job that I’ve wanted for some time now. Details will have to wait as my mobile has just told me that I’ve got bonuses ready on my game.
That’ll be all for now, thanks to anyone who read all of that to the end!
Goodnight & bless!


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