Ladies, we’re not fooling anyone

Catch me on the wrong day and this really gets to me :p

We’re in an era of selfies, and I am no exception, I do take the odd selfie.20170131_212527
But I see so many girls AND boys take them way too often and with the stupidest captions.. to me you seem a tad naive and desperate.. For gods sake call a spade a spade! Don’t write “woke up like this” When you have clearly spent at least an hour doing your hair and makeup just to get back into bed and take a nice photo. Or “I’m such a mess today!”20170131_212750 Jeez, if you’ve taken a great photo of yourself just say it! Or at least don’t make a lame excuse.. You don’t need to apologize or pretend you don’t know, that’s just plain stupid. So these selfies are all mine, this one was captioned: Christmas eve makeup, no lies no bullshit. Just me thinking my20170131_212435 make up was pretty spot on that night! I am not a feminist, but I cannot stand it when girls take pretty pictures and then write some thing stupid to justify why it was posted.. Better to just post it and say nothing, or I’d prefer if you write: ” I LOOK AWESOME!” But i get it, then most people will go, who does she think she is.. another evil circle. I’m just saying, be proud that your photo looks awesome, even if you’re the only one who thinks so.. I know I take them, but I do cringe to death about most selfies. Just get someone to take your photo! And then there’s selfie sticks.. they should be banned from EVERYWHERE. Nothing screams tourist peasant more than a selfie stick. Sorry if you’re a selfie stick lover, but I just cannot deal with them. The end.20170131_212709 This one in the purple dress I actually didn’t want to publish because it is a bit contradicting to my views, but I thought, you know what, my cheek bones look great and my hair is wavy and I’ve even got a shadow emphasizing my boob, I’m friggin posting it! But there was no stupid caption like: “Such a long train journey” or “Exhausting day!”…… Come on.. You’re not fooling anyone. Every one knows why you’re posting the photos, now do it with some dignity!

Right, that was a bit of my chest! If you got annoyed or angry reading this, then you’re probably the kind of person I’m talking about ^_^

I will leave you with my personal favourite:

“So so ill guys, feel awful, in bed ALL day”20170131_212458

Wheeeeen you, after taking about 50 photos, managed to get your face to look nice with no make up 😉


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