First shift, and I’m so happy!

Had my first shift today! Already love this place. Everyone I worked with were so nice and extremely helpful. I was shadowing and observing all day, seeing rooms, learning the system etc. It’s a lot to take in, to be honest, but I am super excited to get to that stage where you know exactly what you’re and can feel 110% confident that you can handle any situation. As well you’ve always got someone to back you up or help you with any problem that can occur. I feel very lucky to have got this job. 


It’s been the plan since I was like 10 to be a musical theatre performer, and I never even had a single thought in my mind about doing anything else. It was something I was good at and I kept getting parts and different projects to do and I was super determined with a military like attitude towards practising and working towards the goal. I went to a music collage where I during my last year got the part of ‘Liesl’in ‘The Sound Of Music’ that they were putting on in one of the big theatres in Oslo. So then I had my first professional part. Then I did 2 years at a musical theatre higher education school in Oslo whilst doing performing jobs around the capital. Then I continued my training at one of theguildford_school_of_acting_-_logo top accredited drama schools in the UK. Guildford School of Acting. There I spent 3 years getting a first class honors in musical theatre. I worked so so hard those 3 years, always did my work in time, never late, did loads of extra curricular activities, had an after school job and I didn’t even have a single day of absence.. It was what was planned for me and all I ever wanted to do. However.. I always knew whereI was going, I always had money to pay for everything, and I always had friends to complain to.. they never properly teach you what to expect after drama school. Basically if you don’t get a job straight away, it’s going to be very shit and hard for a while. You need to get a job that is extremely flexible as your agent can call you with just a days notice about an audition, so I just got a weekend job that barely covered my rent to make sure I had my week days off. So you have no money.. Also, you lose everyone after you leave, you might keep some of your closest friends, but most people you’re never going to see again. I found as well that never knowing if I would have a jobwasn’t a good lifestyle for me. I grew up with everything I need and always had enough money to get what I want and enjoy myself.. as an actor, that is most of the time impossible. Not to mention that none of your jobs will save up for your pension… There’s a lot of stress factors, but I applaud every out of work actor/actress that makes it work because all they want is to stand on stage! Go you! But I learned that Martine likes stability and to know where she’s going and to know that she has money to do fun things with!

They often ask, where do you see yourself in 10 years. I’ve never really been able to answer that question. I’ve never known really. But I don’t want to still be a struggeling actress with no savings. I would like to be married to my lovely boyfriend and have kids and a mortgage and have had several promotions within the Marriott. In 10 years, I’d liek to be the general manager of one if possible. So that’s my new goal.

Another thing is most people in the theatre industry.. are just not nice people.. maybe they don’t have time to be, I don’t know.. or they’ve just got their heads too far up their own asses.. don’t know. Don’t get me wrong a lot of them are absolute lovely! I’ve auditioned for some casting directors that have made me feel amazing, but also for some that have made me feel like poo for no obvious reason,, and in no other profession in the world is it acceptable to not give feedback after an audition/job interview saying if you’ve got the job or not. Doesn’t take a lot of time to send out a blanket email saying ‘Thanks for your time, but not this time’.. just saying… I’ve spent too much time, effort, blood, sweat, tears and MONEY to not even have people be decent to you.

Rant over. Just thought I’d explain why I made the decision to take a full timejob. A job a love after just one day.


Me as Morticia Addams in the Addams Family musical


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