Sneaky Dominos

I don’t know if it’s sad to get Domino’s all by one self.. but I went ahead and did that anyway! Love Domino’s when I crave pizza!! Treating myself as it was my last shift at my old job today! And I just decided that that was a good enough reason for pizza.. I’ll make up any excuse for Domino’s.. Had a really shit day, had a really good day, it’s Tuesday, it’s Friday, it’s Wednesday, I want pizza.. That sort of stuff..

So day off tomorrow! Sorely needed! It was a long week, and seeing as I was trying to be super attentive and pick up as much as I could, my brain feels like it’s not had sleep in a while! Ended last nights shift at the hotel at 23:00, got home about 00:00 as I’m still very much a Norwegian in English traffic, aaaaand my last shift at my old job at 07:00 this morning…. So I’m a little funny right now..16466293_10154390947412756_1180754315_o

Just sitting in my fluffy
teddy jumper and watching ‘Family Guy’ next to a cozy fire 🙂20170204_214212So for the rest of the evening I’m doing NOTHING! Weee 😀 But tomorrow I need to adult… I need to sort my council tax, wop wop, and gas and electric! Fun stuff, but needs to be done.. But like I said, right now… ‘Family guy’ cherry coke and pizza until I fall asleep in a pile on  the sofa, nothing better than to just drift away whilst watching a TV.


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