Your personal opinion is not universal..

Her comes another: Martine can has opinion!

SO, this is another thing that gets me that I never tell anyone. Say you love marshmallows, they’re your favourite thing ever, and you’re with a friend and you’re eating marshmallows.. and your friends says: “uuh how can you eat them they’re disgusting”… Now this might just be me, but I get really annoyed that people do not specify that that is their opinion on what in this case is marshmallows.. I would prefer if you said something like “I really don’t like marshmallows” or “I think they’re disgusting” rather than “they are”… if that makes sense..

Again, it might be a me thing, but I get annoyed when people talk like their opinion is universal. I know people who actually get hurt by people being harsh about their opinions on things. Just think about teenagers. A 14 year old girl might mention she likes a certain brand, and a”friend” might say: “why do you like that, that’s ugly”.. The fact that that is that certain person opinion flies straight over her head. It might have done anyway, but that’s not my point.

I’m never going to make people state that the opinion is their own every time they talk about taste or opinions, and sometimes I might even be guilty of doing it myself, but I believe that a lot of people could do with being aware of it. I’m tired of people talking bad about salt liquorice.. I LOVE it, but I know it’s an acquired taste, however,, Don’t tell me it’s disgusting, it’s not. That’s just what your taste buds are telling you. So what I’m after if just you saying that YOU don’t like them. You can even say that YOU think it’s disgusting. Just don’t say it IS disgusting..

Rant over! Hope it makes sense.. Just another post to get some frustration of my chest 🙂 Happy thoughts!


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