Rough Days

It’s been a few days now since my last post, it’s been crazy busy!

Last week I was doing early shifts, 7am til 3:30pm, and I just could not turn my day around! My mistake was taking a little nap after work -.- big big mistake, so didn’t get to sleep until like 2… you know when you keep checking your phone alarm and it tells you how long til the alarm goes off? I had it be 3 hours and something every night…. So a half zombie week for me :p but all good!

I’m going to Hamburg in 12 days! So excited to see my boyfriend.. Miss him quite a lot now. He’s been amazing at keeping in touch and he’s just being the best! Though he is in rehearsal mode which can be hard on this side, but I totally get it. He’s learning something like 12 shows AND loads of German phonetics and songs :/ He does not speak German.. If you’ve ever tried to learn something of by heart in a language you don’t know, you’ll know it’s a nightmare!

I am loving life at the hotel though, even though it’s a lot to learn!! And I’ve got quite high expectations of myself. I made a couple of mistakes this week, and it wasn’t a massive deal and everyone’s saying that everyone makes in the beginning, but I hate making mistakes… I know it’s inevitable, but still… perfectionist! But at least I will never make the same mistakes again 😉 And I cannot brag more about my team. They’ve been super helpful and supportive! Absolute legends!

Also, I’ve broken ties with my agent this week.. It was harder than I thought. I always knew it’d be hard, but when I got down to it, it was a lot more emotional than I thought it would be. However, it was the right decision! My life feel like it’s mine again now. Musical theatre was always something that gave me so much joy, but the life it brought me into really didn’t. And I can also do whatever I want with my appearance as I don’t have to make sure I look like my head shot :p

I’ve never been very fond of people treating me like crap and telling me what to do! I am making my own path 🙂



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