Oh Doris..

So today, Doris the storm, made havoc around Britain. At the hotel we had several guests due to leave that had to turn and come back, including loads of air crew. We could see rubbish and debris rolling uphill outside the lobby doors.. Quite entertaining, though not so much when the wind actually blew a woman of her feet so she banged into a parked car.. 

And when I got home the bins had actually gone their separate ways…


F’Off Doris!

Still really enjoying work though! But I’m having trouble getting used to the early mornings when I do early shifts.. But I love the early morning drives! No one on the roads! Really love that car.. It’s going to be hard when my boyfriend comes back and steals it back… Speaking of boyfriend! Going to Hamburg to see him in 7 days! He’s only been gone a month, but it definitely feels longer. Can’t wait! There better not be a next weeks Doris!!


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