Too short but great!

Finally got my time in Hamburg!

It was a great trip and lovely to see my boyfriend and family again 🙂 Loads of shopping and eating at restaurants done! And I’ve got to see the less charming part of Hamburg :p I have always just seen the shopping street, market square and hotel area, now I’ve seen… Reperbahn… Dear lord.. There are creatures there that should not be out in day light. My boyfriend told me that he saw a man squatting down on the street and having a poo…. oh yes.. And also a man pulling his pants down and showing off his stuff on the train… So yeah, my charming and rose coloured view of Hamburg has been tainted somewhat, but I still love the place! Just not … Reperbahn and around.. 17269911_10154495324937756_1856860251_o.jpg

My places are still nice though 😉

It was amazing to see my boyfriend again, even if he didn’t get a lot of time off, I saw him in his breaks and during the evening we all went for food in various restaurants. Last day he had off, luckily I had a late flight. We had a lie in, went to the pool, ate in an Italian restaurant and said our goodbyes. I’ll see him again in about a month. Now I can look forward to a little trip to Spain to see my parents new holiday house 😀


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