Little niggles

Heya, so my days have started to get a bit samey.. Though having a steady paycheck is definitely a plus, a job that I actually like and colleagues I like, you know it’s great.. However it’s not the life I’m used to so I’m having… little niggles..

And as I’m by myself most of the time I have too much time to reflect over these things… Though my boyfriends mum is keeping me company when I need it and his sister is taking me to see Beauty & the Beast this week, so it’s not like I’m abandoned! But I miss my boyfriend and thinking about the path I’ve chosen. I still think it’s for the best, but I miss performing a bit. I’ve started dance lessons again, which really helped, and it was nice dancing without anyone judging for a change 😉 I also went pole dancing!! And it was really fun and I wasn’t too bad at it actually, I am definitely keeping that up.. And it is amazing exercise!! I was sore to the point of not really being able to get out of the sofa and dreading walking up or down stairs… But then imagine how great your body will look if you keep it up! So yeah, that’s what I’m doing 🙂

I always knew changing my path would be dificult, because that’s all I know. I’ve never gone to work 5 days a week and always known what’s going to happen. Like I said, it’s very nice to know that I have the money for both rent, bills AND food at the end of the month, but it is still going to take some getting used to.

On top of that I’ve been ill for the past week…. Had fever more or less constantly.. so I feel a little extra sorry for me.. But that I can deal with! I keep myself busy and happy by planning holidays 😀 Going to see my parents new house in Spain soon!



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