Hello, it’s been a while!

I’ve been working more or less nonstop to make up for travelling to Spain with my parents in a few days! Woo! Knackered.. And on top of long days at work I decided to purchase the 60 Day Insanity challenge and start it 😉 17761549_10154554254342756_837591173_oI regret nothing! But my calves are dying.. I can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes before they kind of cease up and I’m a limping mess for 30 seconds before they start functioning again. The same happens if I’ve been driving. When I came home from work late last night I was literally wobbling out of the car.. If my neighbors saw me, they must have thought that I’m drunk driving..

But! I will stick to it and get into great shape again! Might even post my before and after photo when I’m done!

So… SPAIN.. 5 days from now I’m finally going 😀 It will be a nice change to my routine and a little break from missing my boyfriend.. yh I’m a soppy puppy but hey ho! Denia looks absolutely beautiful and apparently we’re getting awesome weather as well! I’m excited!


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