Social media.. Nothing is more unsocial..

Sooooo.. Social media.. I’ve always hated it, which makes me a little bit of a hypocrite because I have Facebook I have twitter I have instagram and I have snapchat… But I’ve always hated the way social media is taking over our lives and ruining relationships and making people comfortable enough to tell strangers their opinions about them and be nasty to whoever utters anything on any social media platform. Take Facebook.. Good way of keeping in touch with friends? Or just snooping on people you used to know? Or showing off the best aspects of your life? All of the above. A good thing is you can actually find and reconnect with friends you’ve lost contact with, but more often than not it’s a place to check if your high school nemesis has gotten fat or if your ex is doing better than you…. Some of the behaviour and uses of FB is pathetic.. And that goes for every social media platform. So many people sit on their asses and cyperbully people on YouTube or twitter.. I quite like it when people utter their opinions on twitter, but then you get a sad twat with a random photo of Heisenberg or whatever as their profile picture and an unidentifiable name shut them down and be down right nasty…. It happens all the time every day everywhere! It’s SAD… sad sad sad…. At least have the guts to have a photo and a name when you contradict opinions… That’s a little pet hate of mine, I actually like a good discussion with someone who disagrees with me, but it needs to be… not ridiculous -.-

Another thing that is quite often making me wonder whether or not I should just delete my whole Facebook page… The fact that everything is judged.. Who liked your photo? How many people liked it? Who didn’t? And why? Or why not? Is something going on? WHAT KIND OF LIE CAN WE CONJURE FROM THIS? We are reading between the lines like never before. Young girls/boys are sat waiting for their crush to text them back and they see suddenly see that this person has liked the new profile photo of someone else… And they are gutted and the world has ended… I don’t blame them, cause that’s how it works these days, but can we not make it stop? I want to grow strong enough to not give a shit if 1 or 100 people liked my new photo, is it achievable? To actually not feel disappointed that your perfect photo of your homemade dinner last night didn’t get as many likes as you wanted? Not being sarcastic… I am very serious indeed! Cause you are! You’re sad that ‘Carols’ muffins got more likes than your cheesecake.. What the hell happened to the world…. People are defining what they are worth based on likes and comments… You have so much power when commenting and liking on Facebook.. Please remember that.

Nice list of pros and cons on this website:

Check it out!

I… post photos.. though never of food… guys that’s sad… unless you’re a health person or a chef.. I share videos of puppies when I feel down.. But not a day goes by where I don’t feel like, I don’t need this… And then I take a walk in the forest..

I would just like for people to think twice when using social media a bit more… I reckon that’s all I can ask for.. If I was queen of the world everyone would have to delete their Facebook, and yes before you get your big boy hat on! I know it’s good for promoting events, workplaces etc etc… That’s why I’m saying think twice.. Not you should delete everything… jeez..


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