Finally time for Spain!

So finally the car was parked at the M&G at Manchester airport and I was off to Spain and Denia! My flight was packed full off excited and very loud people ready for holiday, but when you’re going to sunshine aIMG_20170408_200149_026 (1)nd beaches it’s okey 😉 Jet2 was surprisingly good for a holiday flight. Cabin looks quite new and is decorated with the destinations they fly to and I also had more room under their seats than I’m used to.

Arriving in Alicante I awaited my parents arrival from Norway 20 min later and then we were off to Denia. Our first day we walked by the beach for hours looking at the beautiful
beaches, both stone and sand, 20170410_182745and all the houses and little restaurants along the beach. It’s all very picturesque and true to the culture. Denia is famous for its fishing and we got a glimps of that behind one of the restaurants where the staff had hung a squid/octopus (I’m not sure of the difference!) up to dry! Looking a little morbid and reminding me of Davy Jones, but very fascinating all the same! And off course I snuck in to get a photo…

Later we spent a couple of hours sunbathing on the roof terrace 🙂 The house is amazing!20170409_132108
It has 4 bedrooms so the whole family can come! At the minute it’s a bit empty as my parents took over now, but we’re going shopping tomorrow to make it a home!20170409_173841 After the sunbathing we walked along the narrow streets of Denia looking at all the little cafés and restaurants, there are loads! And loads on people celebrating Easter in the streets. We also took a walk down the Marina and port where they have a cocktail bar called Zensa. They have everything in all white and the cocktails are great, however the English amongst the staff was not great and they seem to keep saying the same Spanish phrases to you over and over though it is clear you down’t understand :p but yh, the Pina Colada was nice! And the view was beautiful, the bar looked straight to the city and the20170409_164943 city castle. Then we ended the evening at a restaurant called Lungo Mare in the centre of Denia. It looked incredible and their pizzas were very tasty! Will definitely be going back when I come back to Denia later this year. It’ll be a new restaurant tomorrow, I’ve been promised tapas so I’m excited! As Denia is famous for being a fishing town I will definitely have to go for fish whilst I’m here. Maybe not the squid.. Actually definitely not the squid but I will have the fish!20170409_175521.jpg
20170409_120146 (1).jpg

20170409_120713 (1).jpg


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