Relax, eat, repeat..

Today we had to stay in and wait for various people delivering different things to our house, one of which is my new favourite thing!
A massive Fatboy pillow!20170411_133054 I can fall asleep in the sun on this any day! It’s so comfy and can be molded more or less anyway you want and I can also turn it into a chair! Though standing on it does not work… tried.. failed… So I spent some time in the sun with my mum doing.. nothing.. and it was bliss! Later we met some of my parents friends who’ve also got a place here in Denia and we walked along the beach to their favourite restaurant called Primera Linea. 20170411_152228.jpgThis was proper Spanish cuisine! And as promised I tried a lot of fish. And… I tried the squid.. I did it! Even if I said I wouldn’t. It didn’t really taste of much other than the herbs it was cooked in, and other than being a bit odd when it came to consistency it wasn’t too bad.. But I wont have it again :p20170411_155926This is the squid (over) Tentacles cut into little slices :p20170411_161315 We also had some really nice salad and a paella that was absolutely amazing! I’ve never had it before and I regret it! Also it looks epic..20170411_222109.jpg

Weather is still awesome and I got some cheeky shots!IMG_20170411_201645_769.jpg


20170411_103506Btw! We put together some new IKEA beds yesterday with new mattresses and a mattress topper to die for… I slept like a baby! And to prove it I didn’t feel a thing whilst being asleep on my computer charger.. felt nothing… I think it looks cool.. suits me..IMG_20170411_224308_049.jpg

Goodnight ^_^


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