Castillo de Denia! And my clumsy mum..

Good evening! So today started with breakfast at a place called Aleon, which is a lovely little cafe/bar serving English breakfast! Now that’s not the first thing I look for when I’m on holiday! :p But it was impeccable and the staff are really lovely! I had a cheese and ham omelette which was gorgeous, whilst my dad went for the full English, hash browns, eggs, beans, the lot! And he was a very happy man!20170411_123309 Later we went shopping for some more stuff for the house! It’s taking shape and is really starting to look like a home now! Mainly cause it’s now a bit messy, but whatever works! 😀

Back at the house we did some more Fatboy sunbathing, unfortunately today I was sat in a weird angle to the sun and have got some tan lines on my tummy that I can only describe as ‘saggy tit tan lines’ 😦 They will be sorted tomorrow! And about my mum being clumsy.. I swear if the ground is even a tad bit uneven she trips up.. Or a step that’s a little bit higher than another.. The two of us went to see the castle in Denia because I have been insisting to do so whilst I’m here, and as you can probably guess, with it being old and in ruins, she was tripping all over the place.. Good entertainment for me! 20170412_164807The castle is self is more life a fortress and was apparently built in the 11th and 12th century. It was built by Muslim Arabs and then re-built by the French.. And then the Christians came and took it.. I had to google this though because there were no English signs or any translations anywhere, and the map only had Spanish names on it, so me and my mum were guessing and making up our own stories, which was fun in itself! However I really like knowing what I’m looking at and get a bit educated so I would really recommend they get some guides and English signs, especially in the little museum bit. But it’s a great place to see and the views in different spots around the castle are amazing. 20170412_174036.jpg


20170412_172508When my mum got tired of tripping over we went back to Zensa for a drink before we met up with my dad for dinner. She had her go-to ‘vino blanco’, which she still says like a question when she orders like she’s not sure if that’s how you say it.. which is cute cause she knows very well but still does it :p Love my mum!20170412_195831This evening we went to a restaurant called El Comercio. I had a steak which was good, nothing major. Then we had yogurt ice creams on the way home with chocolate sauce that solidified on top! Now that everyone needs to try..

Some more shots from the castle and the amazing view 🙂






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