Back in England and straight to work!

Landed back in Manchester about 22:30 on Thursday and was up at 05:00 to get ready for work! Woop! I managed though! The days after was crazy as we were rammed at the hotel for Easter and various football games. I love it when it gets crazy 18015644_10154601917587756_1343697214_othough cause you have something to do all the time and you are constantly challenged! We did really well! But definitely full on 🙂 Now I’ve got a couple of days off! Went around the town centre with a friend after work as we had a tiny bit of sunshine to today and as I can sleep all day tomorrow if I want it was a nice change. And I definitely will! Even though I get up at 5 in the morning I still can’t sleep until earliest midnight… Here you go have tops 5 hours of sleep.. great.. though I’ve not died…

Only 6 days until I can go and see my boyfriend when he docks in Newcastle now 🙂 I’ve got him loads of stuff to keep him busy and remind him of home 🙂 And quite a bit of chocolate.. of course 😉 That’ll be nice! I’m going to the Sunderland Marriott the night before so I can be there bright and early when he docks at 8am. Great little treat for me aswell as I get check in and just faff about and use the pool the evening before!

So nothing much new has happened. I will definitely try to plan another trip to Spain, though now it’s time to save and get my bum on that cruise this summer!


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