Day off and I’m productive!

Nah… not at all.. Today was going to be my super productive day, tidying, cleaning, sorting through my DVD collection etc.. Problem is I start EVERYTHING,

and then do a little of everything and get bored half way through everything soooo.. I’ve finished tidying, but halfway through the DVDs I’ve given up for today… I cannot be arsed to finish them :p I know I should start one thing and then finish it before starting a new thing yadayada, but I didn’t do that and now I’ve made more of a mess..

I’ve got this massive scrap book that I’ve kept with all the photos and almost everything that my boyfriend and I have done together
that needs a bit of an update, and my box of scrap book stuff has been on the floor in the corner since he left for the cruise job… That’s almost 3 months ago… bad..18053321_10154606605602756_1187992718_o I’m hoping that writing about this will actually get me to do it!

In other news, I’ve started both IZombie and Grimm to make time pass on my days off. quite enjoying both of them. I’m also watching ‘Once upon a time’, (yh there’s a theme 😉 which I love! But I’m all caught up and I don’t like the while watching one episode a week crap.. When Game Of Throne comes out we’ve always waited and avoided spoilers as best we can so we can just binge it all when it’s finished! It’s the best! SO when GOT comes out in Juni/July now I ave to wait until October… Those are the rules…


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