Road trip!

So the time has finally come! I left my house at noon and drove all the way to Sunderland and now I’m relaxing in my awesome room at the Sunderland Marriott!
Sporting a mahusive fever though... it’s so bad I feel like a walking sauna.. but I refuse to let it bring me down! I went for a walk along the beach after I arrived, it’s absolutely beautiful! Little light house and loads of people with their dogs on the beach 🙂

I was going to go down and use the pool and sauna.. but I’m serious this fever could bring the devil himself to his knees.. I..… hopefully if I just stay here and make a nest I can get better for tomorrow!

I’ll probably be okay during the day anyway but I’ve got a great big drive home later in the day tomorrow! JOY! And thete will be no boyfriend to distract me then.. But there will be no grumpiness! I’ve been looking forward to this for so long! Now… I will see what movies they have available!


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