Another angel in heaven..

Early morning yesterday my great grandmother passed away in her sleep. She was 95 and quite ill so it was expected, but you can never truly prepare, it still hurts just as much and you think you have more time. I wasn’t there to say goodbye, she wasn’t awake at the end, but I still would have wanted a chance to, but obviously with her being back in Norway and me in England, I wouldn’t have made it. Still can’t help to feel a little guilty..

She’s been with me since I was born. She would pick me up at home, pre school, school, etc. and I’d spend the day with her or sometimes stay overnight. We’d play all kinds of board games and get the Christmas decorations down from the attic and decorate even if it was the middle of summer just for fun. We had so much fun always, and she’d make the best food. If I wanted spaghetti with chicken wings, that’s what we were having. She was just the best..

She has introduced me to so many of my favourite things that are still my favourite things today. She was my safe haven, my absolute favourite person than never told me off :p I can still remember the special feeling I had all day when I knew that she would pick me up from school. I’d always prepare and make her something, a drawing or some kind of arts and craft, and no matter how crap it was she’d always be over the moon about it and tell me how she couldn’t believe that I’d made it all by myself.

I’ve never stopped visiting her. After I moved to England I made sure I wrote to her often and sent her loads of pictures. And every time I went home for a visit I always went to see her at least once depending on how long I was home for. I’ve felt a little guilty for not seeing her as often as I wanted, but she’s always re-assured me that I have to live my own life and see her just when I can.. but still..

St the end she had a lot of struggles, starting with a fall that broke her hip an put her in hospital for quite some time.. We didn’t think she’d make it and I hurried home for that. I saw her in hospital and thought maybe that would be the last time. But she pulled through like the little legend she was, and I got to see her again the next time I went home.. but that was the last time.

I have always thanked her for everything and I know she knew how much she means to me. Love her to pieces, she was one too good for this world ❤



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