Sunderland & Newcastle 

It’s been a week since my trip to Newcastle to see my boyfriend. As my last post explains my trip got a damper half way through my day with him.. but it was still a nice trip.

I checked in to the sunderland Marriott the day before my boyfriends boat were to doc. It’s in a beautiful spot looking over the beach.

20170423_160301Obviously I didn’t let an opportunity to walk down the beach pass me by! I was lucky with the weather and quite impressed with this beach and how powerful the waves were! So it was a surprisingly nice place, not too much to do other thank relaxing and walking on the beach. Though some very cute bars and restaurants along the beach! My road trip post explains about me not feeling so well.. so after my walk I didn’t really do much more than sleep and watch films :p 

The day after I drove to see my boyfriend! I swear this company he’s working for has so many issues -.-  I’m not going to get started on all the dodgy things they are doing to their employees, but the thing that made me angry in Newcastle was that the address they gave to the port was on the wrong side of the ducking river! So I ended up in a dodgy cargo port with people looking at me funny.. fun times.. your stereotypical “Are you lost lady?”… oh yeah..

And then I got stuck in the morning rush which took me into a toll tunnel, thank god I had the exact change of £1.70 in my wallet! I was NOT impressed.. However I finally found the passenger port and my boyfriend 🙂 We went to the city centre and had a walk around. We ate breakfast at Revolution where, bless them, a waiter was over at the table asking if we were okey literally every 5 minutes.. not joking.. Now I appreciate good service, but that was waaay too much. And the food was so and so.. the avocado dish was good. And then I got the text saying my grandmother had passed away..

So after that obviously the day got a bit less great.. but I still enjoyed seeing my boyfriend again a lot! We drove closer to the port and walked a bit around there aswell before we said our goodbyes.. It was a very long and sad drive back to Manchester.

Next week I’ll be flying home to Norway to attend the funeral. I’m lucky I have such understanding colleagues and a family here in England that is really supportive ❤20170423_160920



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