Not enough? Or not recognised?


Just a mini one.. actually writing this on my phone.. getting some funny stares on the train as I frantically type with one pointy index finger.. 

I just heard for the second time in a week someone saying thank you for a random act of kindness, adding “there are not a lot of you around” or “wish there were more people like you”. I have no doubt that there should probably be more people like this, but I’m sure there are a lot more than people realise!

Do you recognise the guy that just opened the door for you? Or the lady that stepped to the side because you were in more of hurry? It might be worth trying to see the little things that most people ignore. It’s not easy to ignore a woman struggling with her pram up some stairs, but the other little things people do.

I’m not trying to start anything or get to a point even.. and I’m happy yh at these people acknowledged the help they were given, I just want people to realise that yhete are a lot of people willing to help and are doing little things all the time.

I’ve had enough of people in general many a time already in my life.. Rude people, self-obsessed people, people trying to walk and look at their phone, pouty people, loud people, people people, whiney people… the list goes on and on and on and you get the point… but I am determined to always try and see the positive first. So I guess this one is more for my own benefit than anything. Say thank you to the guy who let you go first and everything else that seems to be a random act of kindness.. Then maybe people would do it more..


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