Liverpool and another crappy 2 months…

Not entirely true, I’ve got a little mini trip back to Spain planned! And I’m taking my boyfriends mum and his sister 😀 But I’m getting ahead of myself..

It’s been a hard couple of weeks so I’ve not been very active.. Though yesterday my boyfriends mum, sister, brother-in-law, dad and best friend went to Liverpool to see him!18553116_10154678362872756_1115302931_o It was a great day with amazing weather! And it was just like before with banter good chats gossip and laughs.. But too short..

We waited on the docks for him to get off, then we walked along the docks and ate an Italian called Gusto. Very nice and hard working staff, but the food was awful.. I’m sorry but it was so bad.. how can you get Italian that wrong?? But a lovely venue and the staff really were great. Then we sat in the sun, got some ice cream and played around.. Loved it.. Liverpool city centre and the docks are awesome! So many lovely, impressive buildings.. Though the drive into the city looks like your driving through a war ridden country… But where we were was great… And then he had to go -.-  And now he’s not got another English port until August… Hence the two crappy months..

It’s getting increasingly harder having him away, IMG-20170514-WA0004but I’m planning things for summer to keep me sane. Like the trip to Spain! It’s only a shorty, but I’m really looking forward to it, and I love that I’m getting them two with me for some proper girly bonding time 🙂  Can’t wait!


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