What the absolute F-word!!!!

SO… At work today one of my colleagues mentioned a girl that had stabbed her boyfriend in the leg.. Okey, that’s not okey.. Then he went on to say that the judge is considering letting her off because it might affect her career??  Apparently she is an exceptional student and as she wants to be a heart surgeon she should be let off.. Right.. 

Here’s the link to the article…

Student could be spared jail for stabbing date because it could harm her career

Is it really okey to stab someone if you’re “Exceptional” ? And if so where do we draw the line? Can Ibrahimovic stab someone and get away with it? Cause he’s so good at football so he should get away with it right?? Or could Ed Sheeran get away with it? Cause I mean he is so talented that he shouldn’t need to pay for his crime?

I’ve taken this from the article, apparently this is what the judge said:


“Judge Ian Pringle told her that normally such an offence would mean a custodial sentence.

However, he added that to do so would be unfair because it might affect her career.”


WHAT!?!? :O Seriously!!? This is so ridiculously stupid I cannot fathom it…

“The student boyfriend called Woodward’s mum on Skype, and his then-girlfriend punched him in the face before picking up a bread knife and stabbed him in the leg.”


Oh yes lets just give her a slap on the wrist and let her off cause she’s “that bright” that she can punch someone in the face and stab them and it means nothing… What kind of message do you think you’re sending here? As long as you’re bright and do well in school you can just get away with this crap? That this is even being considered is ridiculous and I am embarrassed for mankind….

Seriously… I have so little faith in humanity already.. again… can just anyone with amazing grades get away with stabbing someone? I can see it now.. If you get straight A’s you’re allowed to cause harm without any consequences 😀 Now I am quite good at dancing.. So, what can I get away with??

Friggin heart surgeon?? At least she’s got the tools..


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