It’s been too long!

So I have not written anything in ages! A lot has happened and I’ve just lost track of everything!

Since last time I’ve been working a lot! And we had the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert at the Arena.. I drive right next to it every time I go home from work. I was on a mid-shift that day and had left to go home a couple of hours before it happened. The day after the hotel was swarming with reporters and driving to work was extremely difficult as the cordon went all the way up to our hotel. It was an extremely emotional week as we were all a bit in shock that something like this literally happened on our door step and we had to deal with a lot of calls from people wanting to cancel due to being scared etc. And reporters coming and asking for information… I have a new found hatred for reporters…

I’ve later visited St. Ann’s square where people have been putting down flowers and little tokens.. It’s a powerful sight and very emotional.


I’ve also had some strange pains in my chest, it’s probably nothing, but it made me get off my ass and finally sign up at the doctors in England.. Only took me almost 5 years…. I’ve had an ECG and some blood-tests done, but it’s expected to be stress and emotional stress. Missing my boyfriend, losing my grandmother, living alone and stuff blowing up is not a good combo. Friggin hate getting blood tests done…

On a lighter note! I went to the Download

festivals last day with my boyfriends family 😀 That was great! We had amazing

weather and some great acts whilst we were waiting for Aerosmith, who were headlining 😉


I got to see Steel Panther! I wasn’t aware they were playing! I was so happy….. They played my favourite songs of theirs, ‘Glory hole’ and ‘Party all day’.. Made me so so happy.. And then the beast himself.. It is the last tour Aerosmith are doing apparently, and I’m so grateful we saw it! They were amazing. Steven Tyler still has it!!! He was an absolute animal on stage and they played so many of their best songs! The crowd went absolutely mental for ‘Don’t want to miss a thing’.received_10210858286706483.jpegIMG_20170612_151448_193.jpg

Now I’m sat in my living room waiting to go on a mini trip to Spain with my boyrfriends mum and sister 😀 We’re onyl going for 3 days so I can show them the house and the little village, but I’m so so excited!! We’re hiring a car so we’re super flexible and off we go! I.. NEED… SUNSHINE…IMG_20170626_190626_868.jpg

Lastly, for now… Look at the front of my house 🙂 I’ve bought flowers after we got a gardener to clean up the garden 😀 I’ in love with my flower!! That’s all for now, I’m off to Spain in 3 hours!!!


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