It’s been too long!

So I have not written anything in ages! A lot has happened and I’ve just lost track of everything!

Since last time I’ve been working a lot! And we had the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert at the Arena.. I drive right next to it every time I go home from work. I was on a mid-shift that day and had left to go home a couple of hours before it happened. The day after the hotel was swarming with reporters and driving to work was extremely difficult as the cordon went all the way up to our hotel. Continue reading


What the absolute F-word!!!!

SO… At work today one of my colleagues mentioned a girl that had stabbed her boyfriend in the leg.. Okey, that’s not okey.. Then he went on to say that the judge is considering letting her off because it might affect her career??  Apparently she is an exceptional student and as she wants to be a heart surgeon she should be let off.. Right..  Continue reading

Liverpool and another crappy 2 months…

Not entirely true, I’ve got a little mini trip back to Spain planned! And I’m taking my boyfriends mum and his sister 😀 But I’m getting ahead of myself..

It’s been a hard couple of weeks so I’ve not been very active.. Though yesterday my boyfriends mum, sister, brother-in-law, dad and best friend went to Liverpool to see him!18553116_10154678362872756_1115302931_o It was a great day with amazing weather! Continue reading

Not enough? Or not recognised?


Just a mini one.. actually writing this on my phone.. getting some funny stares on the train as I frantically type with one pointy index finger.. 

I just heard for the second time in a week someone saying thank you for a random act of kindness, adding “there are not a lot of you around” or “wish there were more people like you”. I have no doubt that there should probably be more people like this, but I’m sure there are a lot more than people realise!
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Another angel in heaven..

Early morning yesterday my great grandmother passed away in her sleep. She was 95 and quite ill so it was expected, but you can never truly prepare, it still hurts just as much and you think you have more time. I wasn’t there to say goodbye, she wasn’t awake at the end, but I still would have wanted a chance to, but obviously with her being back in Norway and me in England, I wouldn’t have made it. Still can’t help to feel a little guilty.. Continue reading

Castillo de Denia! And my clumsy mum..

Good evening! So today started with breakfast at a place called Aleon, which is a lovely little cafe/bar serving English breakfast! Now that’s not the first thing I look for when I’m on holiday! :p But it was impeccable and the staff are really lovely! I had a cheese and ham omelette which was gorgeous, whilst my dad went for the full English, hash browns, eggs, beans, the lot! And he was a very happy man!20170411_123309 Later we went shopping for some more stuff for the house! It’s taking shape and is really starting to look like a home now! Mainly cause it’s now a bit messy, but whatever works! 😀
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