What the absolute F-word!!!!

SO… At work today one of my colleagues mentioned a girl that had stabbed her boyfriend in the leg.. Okey, that’s not okey.. Then he went on to say that the judge is considering letting her off because it might affect her career??  Apparently she is an exceptional student and as she wants to be a heart surgeon she should be let off.. Right..  Continue reading


Not enough? Or not recognised?


Just a mini one.. actually writing this on my phone.. getting some funny stares on the train as I frantically type with one pointy index finger.. 

I just heard for the second time in a week someone saying thank you for a random act of kindness, adding “there are not a lot of you around” or “wish there were more people like you”. I have no doubt that there should probably be more people like this, but I’m sure there are a lot more than people realise!
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Social media.. Nothing is more unsocial..

Sooooo.. Social media.. I’ve always hated it, which makes me a little bit of a hypocrite because I have Facebook I have twitter I have instagram and I have snapchat… But I’ve always hated the way social media is taking over our lives and ruining relationships and making people comfortable enough to tell strangers their opinions about them and be nasty to whoever utters anything on any social media platform.  Continue reading

Your personal opinion is not universal..

Her comes another: Martine can has opinion!

SO, this is another thing that gets me that I never tell anyone. Say you love marshmallows, they’re your favourite thing ever, and you’re with a friend and you’re eating marshmallows.. and your friends says: “uuh how can you eat them they’re disgusting”… Now this might just be me, but I get really annoyed that people do not specify that that is their opinion on what in this case is marshmallows.. Continue reading

First shift, and I’m so happy!

Had my first shift today! Already love this place. Everyone I worked with were so nice and extremely helpful. I was shadowing and observing all day, seeing rooms, learning the system etc. It’s a lot to take in, to be honest, but I am super excited to get to that stage where you know exactly what you’re and can feel 110% confident that you can handle any situation. As well you’ve always got someone to back you up or help you with any problem that can occur. I feel very lucky to have got this job.  Continue reading