Relax, eat, repeat..

Today we had to stay in and wait for various people delivering different things to our house, one of which is my new favourite thing!
A massive Fatboy pillow!20170411_133054 I can fall asleep in the sun on this any day! Continue reading


Finally time for Spain!

So finally the car was parked at the M&G at Manchester airport and I was off to Spain and Denia! My flight was packed full off excited and very loud people ready for holiday, but when you’re going to sunshine aIMG_20170408_200149_026 (1)nd beaches it’s okey 😉 Jet2 was surprisingly good for a holiday flight. Cabin looks quite new and is decorated with the destinations they fly to and I also had more room under their seats than I’m used to.

Arriving in Alicante Continue reading

Social media.. Nothing is more unsocial..

Sooooo.. Social media.. I’ve always hated it, which makes me a little bit of a hypocrite because I have Facebook I have twitter I have instagram and I have snapchat… But I’ve always hated the way social media is taking over our lives and ruining relationships and making people comfortable enough to tell strangers their opinions about them and be nasty to whoever utters anything on any social media platform.  Continue reading

Oh Doris..

So today, Doris the storm, made havoc around Britain. At the hotel we had several guests due to leave that had to turn and come back, including loads of air crew. We could see rubbish and debris rolling uphill outside the lobby doors.. Quite entertaining, though not so much when the wind actually blew a woman of her feet so she banged into a parked car..  Continue reading

Rough Days

It’s been a few days now since my last post, it’s been crazy busy!

Last week I was doing early shifts, 7am til 3:30pm, and I just could not turn my day around! My mistake was taking a little nap after work -.- big big mistake, so didn’t get to sleep until like 2… you know when you keep checking your phone alarm and it tells you how long til the alarm goes off? I had it be 3 hours and something every night…. So a half zombie week for me :p but all good!

I’m going to Hamburg in 12 days! Continue reading